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Eternos (or possibly an Avatar of It) by JessTheMess88 Eternos (or possibly an Avatar of It) :iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 35 6
Necori description
Necori Character description-
Overall appearance: Akin to an anthropomorphic glaucus atlanticus (other Quantusepii appear like different nudibranches. Some on rare occasions appear more snail-like, shells and all)
Sex: N/A (the Quantusepii species reproduce via a type of asexual reproduction. Thus there are no sex organs nor secondary sex characteristics. I.e no breasts, penis, testes, vagina, ovaries, ovipositor, etc. etc.).
Gender: Agender (or androgynous, either works), pronouns are they/them/their
Orientation: Asexual, Omniromantic
Height: 7' 6"
Weight: 230 lbs
Skin: Primarily azure, but can change to varying colors (the closer proximity to blue the easier. Violets, reds, blacks, grays, etc.? No problem. Yellows, oranges, whites, greys, etc.? Somewhat harder). Appears to move fluidly, with an appearance similar to that of mercury. Has capability of going nearly transparent. Their primary method of conversing is with the skin v
:iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 7 2
Hark! The Weeping Angels sing (a Whovian carol)
Hark! The weeping angels sing
Glory to the Could-Have-Been King!
Davros save from Nightmare Child,
Doc and Master Reconciled.
Join up all ye nations rise,
Fight invaders from the skies!
Robot heavenly host proclaim
The daleks are back again?!
Hark! The weeping angels sing
Glory to the Could-Have-Been King.
Doctor, by highest leaders adored,
Doctor the infinite Time Lord.
Late in time to Amy he'll come,
And when she's gone, he will be glum.
Copied by Flesh in a factory,
Discovered a ganger Amy.
Pleased when man shows potential,
Doctor hates to say farewell.
Revels in his glories by
Regenerates when else he'd die
Born on Gallifrey, often on Earth
Arrived too late after Melody's birth.
Likes to go and sonic things,
Happiness to all he brings.
Love him for he is sublime
Love the Gallifeyan Lord of Time.
Hark the weeping angels sing
Glory to the Could-Have-Been King!
:iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 23 20
30's-ish style? by JessTheMess88 30's-ish style? :iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 33 114
When Jeb came to town (WIP)
When Jeb first came into town, nobody gave him much thought. People were coming and going in the little town of Hope Cross, Texas on a pretty regular basis. Anyone who paid him more than half a mind always noticed the same things about him: That he was quite paler than a Southern gentleman would normally be and that his demeanor; while kindly enough, was rather withdrawn.
He came one night in the Spring of 1850, rolling up in his carriage which -to many a person's surprise- was his own (most newcomers had to buy a ride with someone else, or worse yet walk). He brought with him naught but the clothes on his back and 1 suitcase which he kept close to him at all times. A curt "Evening, name's Jeb" and tip of his hat was all the introduction he gave before heading off to his home. What few people who'd been there when he arrived didn't mind, a lot of strangers liked to get settled in when they got there.
What struck folks as odd however was when Jeb stayed in his house all the next morning
:iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 5 0
Deej's Backstory (HUGE change)
Name: Deejrimli-Esnial-Isthmul ((he is the half brother of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill and Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul. This his last names being portmanteaus of his "siblings" ))
Aliases: Deej
Age: 19
Sex: Male, though he'll sometimes switch things up
Species: Genetically modified Andalite (An alien from the series "Animorphs," Andalites are a shape-shifting tauric species with a scythe blade on the end of their tail, two stalk eyes atop their head, two "normal" eyes on their face, 4 nostril slits, 2 elf-like ears and no mouth. They're covered in a hair that's generally some sort of blue or purple. They eat by absorbing nutrients from food -usually grasses- via their hooves. Their arms; though weak looking, are surprisingly strong. They speak with telekinesis, unless in a form that can speak via a different method. They've the ability to shape shift into any creature they come in contact with; as their genetics "memorize" the creatures DNA pattern and can morph to it.)
Appearance: His ir
:iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 4 7
New outfit by JessTheMess88 New outfit :iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 8 21 Who could it be now? by JessTheMess88 Who could it be now? :iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 11 22
Mature content
Fox's Cunning Con - Part 4 :iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 7 4
Mature content
A very Krampus Kristmas :iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 1 0
Mature content
Fox's Cunning Con - Part 3 :iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 4 0
Mature content
Face the Face :iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 6 18
Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
To mom,
Well due to our "confrontation" about certain events back in November I really don't have too much to say, but what I haven't said I wish I could and would. I'm worried though that you won't be as "ok" with things as you may seem however, which is why I hold my tongue for the time being.
You already figured out some of this, due to a bit of snooping and my own mistakes in making a profile. But there's still more that's left unsaid. And as I learn more about myself each day that just adds to it. Really you know about 10% about me, if even that. And your my mom so I wish I could just let loose and tell you it all. But I still worry I can't, no matter how much you said otherwise.
:iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 7 2
21st Century Cure?
To "Iodine",
I'd just like to say that you changed my life, although I'm not sure if you know that you did. I won't delve too much into how or why though, it's more of a personal matter really. But suffice to say that, without your seemingly random friend request (yes we knew someone in common, still was random) I would have never known what I do now. You showed me how misconstrued my perceptions of things were, and it opened my mind.
Shortly after you would help me by listening and providing advice, even giving an important piece of insight that I believe will become essential as time goes by. I know later you got disappointed due to some of the choices I made and that's unfortunate, but at the time it seemed like the only option available. You were right though, it just made me look false and like a sell-out. And again for that I thank you as well. We haven't spoken much lately but I hope you know that you impacted changed my life, and things'll likely never be the same from hencefor
:iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 6 5
'Catch' of the day
To the girl from the beach,
Soooo, you never called me like you were going to eh? Well you did but we didn't have caller id and you didn't leave your number so I had no way to get back to you. Remember how we met for that one day at Hampton? I remember it quite well surprisingly.
You had been playing around on a boogie board not far from where my sister, mother, and I had been swimming, and decided to call my sister over to talk to you. She had a pretty good idea of what you were calling her for already, and was confirmed when she later told me you said "I'll let you ride my boogie board if I can talk to your brother?" Getting through the "protective sibling" by bribing was a smart move by the way. So you came and we talked and swam about some (or more like waded since we stayed near the shore) while said sister played around nearby.
Afterwards you already started calling me your "boyfriend" although your mother told mine that you called all guys you knew that. But nevertheless you ask
:iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 2 7
Promise-Rings true
To my cousin,
There isn't too much to say here really. I only did a "pinky promise" a couple times in my life and the one I'd done with you was the last. That was what? Three, maybe four years ago now? I don't even know if you recall making it, but you essentially were so desperate for your parents not finding out you were having sex (Which at 14 1/2 was admittedly rather young) that you actually brought out the old "pinky promise" adage that most drop when they're like 10...
But nevertheless, keep my promise I did. I never told your parents, never told my own family, never told anyone. Why? Because I could tell it meant something important for some reason. Also because I was starting to be more mature and because that was when I began to really hold people's trusting in me to such a high regard. Since then your parents have found out (they did when you were like, 16 I think? Plus you're gonna be 18 so not like they can complain anymore) and others have too, and you no longer hide it.
:iconjessthemess88:JessTheMess88 1 1

Eh, I'm tired but whatever. Here goes.
Also I can't figure out how to do tagging shit with this like stashwriter shit sooo, sorry DA but I can't do the #deviantartistquestionnaire thing or whatnot.
Unless by tags they meant anywhere instead of in the bottom part like on normal deviations? In which case uh, there ya go?

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
7 years

2. What does your username mean?
For a long time I had one that was the username I used on pretty much every site, but my sister began nosing in my business (not in the like; "usual" family way people try to pass off. No, she like actively googled it and visited nearly every site I was registered on and kept digging up shit and just treating me like shit over shit), so I had to change it everywhere. Here; I first used a placeholder because that whole "it'll show your previous username" thingy would possibly still point her to me, and then switched it to what it is now. Which is essentially a mashup of my tumblr URL (jessthenot-so-hotmess) and my birth year (88)

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Uh... Shy, serious, kind?

4. Are you left or right handed?
Right Handed

5. What was your first deviation?
Well; technically it's this:

'Element chronicles' - WIP“Yahoo!” 17 year old Drake yelled out, as he dove downwards towards the water. He rarely got to fly about so freely like this, so he relished any chance he got to go to the “secret spot” he and his friends had. It was a n’er before seen island in the pacific, and they’d always had it to themselves. Dipping low, he dipped a large claw into the water, skimming as he’d seen some birds do. His orange scales gleamed in the tropical sunlight and his eye slits squinted more than usual due to the waters reflection. Rising up again, he scared a flock of birds as he darted up into a cloud, thrusting into their V formation with a chuckle. Unfortunately, after a while of more bobbing and weaving, he felt the need for a bit of a rest, and landed somewhat daintily on the shore, a single toe claw touching down before he placed his foot flat, the other following suite. He stood at an above average 6 foot 2, and weighed in at 230.
He sat himself down in a beach chair,

But given that that was just a copy and paste of something I'd written previously when I was a kid (and given that pretty much most of the drawings were from my art class a few years before), the first thing I put up that was actually for DA would be this: Komodrax by JessTheMess88

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
Writing. Cause like, I suck at drawing/painting/sculpting/etc. xD

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Is "digital art" too general? If so then I guess specifically I mean the like colored drawings/sketches people do on tablets and such

8. What was your first favourite?
This: Shutgah-Ezen by Scotwith1T

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Well; it's sort of a toss up between Giantess and vore stuff, monsters, pokemon, or sci-fi and fantasy works. Also I think a fair amount of like, I dunno that they'd be selfies per se; but like, the artsy equivalent of them. Photo self portraits maybe? Or just "DeviantIDs?" I dunno.
Unless it meant like, as in medium. In which case, drawings/paintings/sketches or photos

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
I don't have just one favorite. Some of the many MANY though would be:
:iconmoonshadow01:, :iconkaijusamurai:, :icongluttonwolf:, :iconavery-hillpeak:, :iconulario:, :iconlucky978:, :iconkaalashnikov: (though; I think I've seen more of their stuff on tumblr than on here? I dunno though >_<), :iconjessica-rae-3:, :iconblinkpen:, and a lot more

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Well even though she got rid of DA; :icongrip-my-hips: would be one. Also, pretty much most of the people mentioned above, and :iconomenardo:, :iconparchipexx:, :iconlordovwaffles:, :icondereith:, and even though they aren't active anymore, :iconanimeelf7: and :icon23jester23: (I think he had a different account name later but it went like totally unused? Something like; a spoonful of sugar or something?), and more.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
Pretty much anyone that did fanart for me/of my stuff (so from a quick search; it looks like :iconglasses-n-asses:, :iconjfdp13:, :iconblueirisflower:, and :icontoonime:. I feel there are others though but I dunno for sure) because I was flattered they liked it/me enough to draw stuff from me/for me. Also, the two people who's names escape me atm that liked my writing enough to ask if I did requests/commissions (because even though I do have dreams of being an author and I've since grown in self-confidence, I still had/have some doubts and it's nice for people to go "yeah, I like it enough I'd pay for it or ask for it special" or whatnot). Oh, and everyone who actually felt some sort of impact from when I wrote the rather emotionally-charged letters for the 30-day letter challenge thing. Especially :icon1of7-vanity: who also seems to have deleted. But apparently I had such an impact on them that they were able to start sorting through some personal emotional shit and like, that impacted me because it was a like "wow, I can really really have an effect on some people huh?" type moment.
Oh, and fishbicth in a way by kinda inadvertently teaching me a lesson regarding trades and mail stuff and other things. And I'm kinda being intentionally vague because I have made peace with it as much as I can and because I don't want to seem like I'm "being a shit stirrer" or something (hence why I didn't do the icon thingy either. I'm figuring that'll not tag her and seem like; shit stirry?)

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
My mind, my hands, and a keyboard

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
I dunno tbh. Laying in bed trying to sleep seems to be where a lot of ideas and inspiration come. Because of course it'd be at the most inopportune time -.-

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Meeting with (and later falling in love with and vice-versa) Ashleigh/gripmyhips (though that happened off-site so I dunno that it counts entirely?), meeting and often talking with Alicia and her brother, a lot of the stuff I mention in the impact section

Alright and with that, g'night (also long time no see eh? Last journal was what? January? :P)

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Eh screw it. From now on I'm just gonna flit about and respond to "thank you" stuff at random rather than pay attention to which is from watchers or who's said it three times or whatnot. So like now I'll just respond to some and leave the others be.
Regular comments will be responded to 100% of the time though, of course

Current Residence: New Hampshire.
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Oldies, bit of pop
Operating System: Windows 7
Favourite cartoon character: Dunno really. Probably someone from Avatar or Steven Universe

Anything else you'd like to know; feel free to ask


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